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Focus on creating relevant and significant impact for our clients


Follows customer centric approach to deliver value to clients


Consistently deliver on the promised value that reinforces trust

Envisioning transformation and making it a reality

When it comes to driving businesses forward, some sprint without a care for direction, while others tread slow and steady. Our visionaries recognized this, working to give organizations the strategic roadmap they needed to forge ahead with speed, agility, and focus. And today we are revamping organizations with intuitive technology, helping them take on the future fearlessly.

Empowering your vision: Innovate, Transform, Solve

INNOVATEAt Infoya, innovation is our cornerstone. We delve into uncharted territories, harnessing emerging technologies and creative thinking to pioneer solutions that set industry benchmarks.

TRANSFORMTransformation is pivotal in staying ahead. Infoya reimagines business processes, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic insights to revolutionize your operations. Transform with us to unlock exponential growth and market leadership.

SOLVEProblem-solving is at the heart of what we do. Infoya tackles complex challenges with bespoke solutions, integrating advanced analytics and expert knowledge. Partner with us to navigate obstacles and turn them into opportunities.

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Why Infoya

Infinite possibilities with technology Collaborating to find solutions for any challenge

We collaborate and foster disruption with leading-edge solutions that ensure our clients’ future-readiness

Technology Agnostic Approach

Our focus isn't on specific technologies; it's on crafting solutions, using whatever technology is necessary to achieve them.

Customer-Centric Solutions

We don't adhere to the approach of forcing a technology to solve a problem; instead, we prioritize identifying a digital solution that meets your needs, utilizing any necessary technology.

Shared Successes

We are committed to erasing barriers and fostering collaboration to create an ecosystem enriched by mutual success.

What We do

We Help You to Grow Your
Business Exponentially

Cloud Enablement
Digital Transformation
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Platfom Engineering

How It Works

Check Out Our Work Process

Identify the business problem
Identify the business problem
Design the customer-centric solution
Design the customer-centric solution
Develop the delivery roadmap
Develop the delivery roadmap
Implement the solution
Implement the solution
Monitor and Expand
Monitor and Expand

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Our Awards

Infoya is proud to be named Best Mid-Sized Workplace for Inclusion in 2021
Recognized as one of the Workplaces for Diverse Representation 2021
Infoya is recognized as Canada's Fastest Growing Organization in 2019
Recognized as Canada's Fastest Growing Organization in 2021