Engagement Models

Fexible Engagement Models

INFOYA offers a suite of flexible engagement models as we believe in delivering complete value for money to our clients and their specific needs. Our pricing strategies are crafted keeping mutual interests in mind, with the right elements that match industry standards. Selecting the best engagement model


Engagement models that perfectly Fits Your Company

We have designed and tested various engagement models to ensure that they are perfectly suited to your company. We have listed out our top three engagement models below:

Fixed Price Model

Fixed price models are used to create projects that have well-defined scope and requirements. This model works best for small businesses or medium size ventures with limited budgets, as it predetermines all of their core objectives from the beginning, so there's no guesswork involved in what should be completed by when. The cost of the project is decided before delivering the project so you will have a better idea about what we are required to deliver and work accordingly to achieve the target.

Dedicated Hiring Model

The flexible and highly scalable Dedicated model is the perfect solution for clients with varying business demands. For example, clients can get quick scaling or expert developers on a long-term basis to work quickly in tight deadlines while still retaining complete control over processes that will be executed within your organization's strategy.

Time and Material Model

The Time & Material model is best suited for projects where the scope is unclear, and requirements are dynamic. Of course, the T&M works if it's impossible to implement specifics or divide a project into several smaller stages. The cost of the project will be based on the pre-discussed hour rate for better clarity and results. However, this option also offers the flexibility of modifying specifications depending on evolving client needs, exploring new activities while still managing existing ones, all without losing sight of your budget!

Outstaffing Model

Outstaffing is the perfect engagement solution for projects which will take quite some time to complete and the development team will have full control over what is going on. Instead of conventional methods, Outstaffing offers speedy access to workers based on their skills and requirements of the project.

Extended Team Model

With the Extended team model, you can get direct access to some of the top IT experts here at INFOYA and keep an eye on their performance for better results. Increase the productivity of your team by defining all the daily tasks and activities with our Extended team model.