Delivery Models

Customized Delivery Model

A Delivery Model that meets all your Business Needs

A custom-built delivery model

Outsourcing used to simply be about cost savings, but companies today are benefiting from ever more sophisticated service delivery possibilities that enable greater agility while improving business processes. Flexible, expandable service delivery and support through a combination of delivery centers that provide the right skills from the right location, at the right time, and for the best price. Infoya offers you total flexibility in determining how the engagement is managed and executed.

  • 24/7 Continuity - Keep your production systems up and running around the clock. Seamless handover between delivery teams in different time zones.
  • Great Cost Benefits - Achieve significant reduction in the service delivery costs without compromising with the quality or delivery timelines.
  • Access to Global Talent - Access to a diverse pool of specialized talent through our global delivery network.
  • World-class Infrastructure - Access to the best technology, facilities and physical infrastructure offered by our delivery centers. All of our centers employ a strong quality management system.
  • Our Approach

    A best-fit Delivery Model for Business Agility and Resilience

    We work with our clients to help them attain global vision and gain better agility to operate in an increasingly competitive market.

    Onshore Delivery Model

    Promotes face-to-face interaction on a regular basis, facilitates a better understanding of the client’s needs with no language/cultural barriers, expansion of existing facilities is not required suddenly to accommodate new teams and provides significant control of the project ensuring client plays a pivotal role as the project progresses.

    Offshore Delivery Model

    Great for overcoming skills shortages and cost savings. Our dedicated and talented offshore team cater specifically to the client’s needs; thereby enabling to provide the best results at reduced overall cost and 24/7 productivity with smooth transition of tasks between the teams.

    Nearshore Delivery Model

    Less complicated and a lot more beneficial model as it provides geographic proximity, significant cost savings, cultural compatibility, minimal time zone difference and better communication.

    Hybrid Delivery Model

    Best fit model for large projects as it helps to split the work effort between onshore and offshore teams to keep the delivery costs low, provide 24/7 productivity and continuity. Onshore teams address queries/issues without the burden of managing a large-scale onsite team, effectively manage cultural differences between the team, quick response and provide project control to clients.

    Distributed Delivery Model

    Custom build model for large projects and operational applications requiring around the clock effort and support. Work effort is balanced between onshore, nearshore and offshore teams to keep the delivery costs low, provide 24/7 productivity and continuity with smooth transition of tasks.