Workforce Management

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In today's highly competitive business environment.

there is a dire need to reduce operating costs and increase revenues. But the only way we can do this is by working more productively. And that's where workforce management technology comes into play.

What is workforce management?

Workforce management (WFM) is an application of technology that allows organizations to optimize their human resource assets. It's a way of synchronizing the tasks required by the organization with the skills of employees

How can workforce management help your business?

WFM systems automate routine processes such as schedule generation, time and attendance tracking, absence or tardiness alerts, employee self-service request for time off, etc. The result: improved efficiencies in all aspects of operations—from recruitment to payroll to benefits administration.

Workforce Management (WFM) systems allow businesses to:

- Provide better customer service through increased visibility of resources and capabilities.

- Reduce unplanned absenteeism and overtime costs primarily driven by employee health initiatives such as stress management, preventive care, etc.

- Enhance workforce safety with real-time monitoring of employee safety records across multiple sites and locations.

- Improve resource utilization through more accurate and informed employee assignment and balancing of staff levels with the workload.

- Ensure compliance with labor regulations such as reporting, record keeping, mandated breaks, and wage garnishments.

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INFOYA is a software company that specializes in workforce management. We work with businesses looking to implement or upgrade their WFM system. We offer a robust scheduling engine, automated time and attendance tracking, online employee self-service options, along customizable reports, FAQs, and other valuable tools for managers. Our cloud-based software provides real-time reporting via the dashboard that displays your employees' schedules for immediate viewing anytime, anywhere.

Our Workforce Management Software is designed to automate routine processes such as schedule generation, time, and attendance tracking without any manual intervention so you can focus on more critical tasks at hand.

Our mission is to help companies maximize employee productivity through real-time workforce visibility and simplifying HR processes. We eliminate the need for multiple systems that handle different HR tasks like absence management; scheduling; time & attendance; payroll, etc. Instead, our cloud-based solution integrates all these functionalities into one unified platform that brings greater efficiencies into your workplace – saving you time and money!

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Workforce management is a complex subject to master. Let us help you bridge that gap. If you are interested in using our software or have any questions, please feel free to check out our website or contact us by email.