Quality Engineering

Welcome to Infoya, where we redefine the standards of Testing and Quality Engineering. Our services are tailored for enterprise clients, offering a strategic blend of innovation, expertise, and efficiency. We pride ourselves on an automation-first approach, harnessing the power of robotics, AI, and analytics to drive our Quality Engineering Services. 

As a global leader in Quality Assurance (QA), we have empowered our clients across various industry verticals, delivering first-time-right quality and pioneering next-generation Quality Engineering (QE) solutions. Our commitment is to help you modernize your foundation and build new, resilient business models. 

Our unique Agile Quality Engineering Approach, featuring TestOps and TestSecOps, is designed to accelerate product releases, elevate quality levels, and usher in newfound success for your enterprise. This approach is anchored in Infoya’s distinctive 5-level maturity model, ensuring a comprehensive and evolving service experiences. 

At Infoya, we leverage our decades of experience to provide integrated, holistic, and innovative QE services. Utilizing built-for-purpose tooling, we meet your enterprise at its current stage and guide you through maturation, scaling, and innovation. Our services encompass all aspects of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), employing industry-standard frameworks, methodologies, and tools for maximum coverage and high-quality results.

Join us at Infoya and experience a transformative journey in Testing and Quality Engineering, where we merge traditional expertise with modern insights to deliver unmatched value and quality to your enterprise. 

Application of AI in Quality Engineering

Infoya specializes in offering AI-based quality engineering solutions, revolutionizing the way software testing and quality assurance are approached. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Infoya provides comprehensive, innovative, and efficient testing services that ensure high-quality software products.

Automated Test Case Creation with GenAI: Utilize generative AI to automate the creation of test cases, significantly reducing manual effort and increasing test coverage. 

Enhanced Unit Testing: Implement AI algorithms to intelligently generate unit test cases, ensuring that individual components perform correctly.

Visual Testing: Employ AI to automate visual testing, comparing application screens with expected outcomes to detect visual discrepancies.

API Test Case Generation: Leverage AI to generate test cases for APIs, ensuring they meet specifications and perform as expected in various scenarios. 

Smart Reporting and Test Analysis: Advanced AI algorithms analyze test results, providing insightful reports and smart analytics for informed decision-making. 

Defect Analysis: AI-based defect analysis uses machine learning algorithms and data analytics to understand patterns and anomalies in software test results, automating the detection of defects. 

Go-No-Go Decisioning Support: Smart defect analysis and test execution, powered by AI and machine learning, play a crucial role in making informed go/no-go decisions in the software release process. These decisions are critical, as they determine whether a software product is ready for production or if it requires more work.

Our Strength

Testing Assessment

Enterprise Testing Strategy (ETS): ETS is crucial in the fast-paced software development life cycle (SDLC), especially when considering that many organizations release new builds daily. The strategy encompasses cooperation between Project Management, Business Analysts, and Development teams. It aims to reduce the cost of quality while embedding quality into product releases. 

Enterprise Quality Framework (EQF): Infoya works with its clients and build EQF that involves using ETS throughout the entire SDLC, including phases like Requirements Elicitation, Analysis, and QA Signoff. This process ensures that requirements are unambiguous and testable, leading to more efficient and effective testing. 

Test Optimization: Infoya leverage in-house and industry tools to access and optimize processes, tools and knowledge with focus on following outcomes: 

Efficiency and Accuracy: Optimize test process to make them time and cost effective without sacrificing result accuracy. It involves reducing test suite size, eliminating redundant test cases, evaluating test coverage criteria, and increasing test case maintainability to name few. 

Strategic Activities: Incorporating testing from early development stages, creating precise test suites, selecting appropriate tools or frameworks, conducting regular reviews, prioritizing and opting for parallel testing on leveraging cloud based on-demand infrastructure are key strategies for test optimization. 

End-to-End Quality Strategies: 

Designing Effective Tests: Begin by determining and documenting both functional and non-functional requirements, which includes assessing horizontal business workflows, performance, security, and UX requirements. 

Building Comprehensive Test Scenarios: Develop scenarios that validate feature relationships across various workflows, including testing for non-functional requirements like data input, response times, load, accessibility and security of data transmission. Ensuring the test environment mirrors production is vital for comprehensive testing. 

Automation Necessity: Due to the high volume of test cases in end-to-end testing, automation becomes essential. It should be reusable, maintainable, and ideally integrated during system testing. This approach reduces the need for repetitive manual testing while ensuring thorough coverage. 

Best Practices: These include balancing data flows with workflows, testing connections across subsystems, planning adequate time for testing and retesting, including test optimization for maximum coverage, and always including a manual component to maintain user focus.

We are Revolutionizing Test Automation

At Infoya, we are committed to transforming the way businesses approach software testing. Our cutting-edge test automation services are designed to streamline your testing process, reduce errors, and accelerate your time-to-market. 

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD): Our BDD approach focuses on enhancing communication among stakeholders and ensuring that all development activities are centered around actual business outcomes. This strategy fosters collaboration and understanding, turning complex requirements into clear, executable specifications. 

TestNG – The Next Generation Testing: Leverage the power of TestNG with us. TestNG is designed to cover a wide range of testing needs, from unit to integration testing. Our expertise in TestNG helps in creating more flexible and powerful tests with ease. 

Custom Framework Solutions: Our custom framework development is tailored to meet your unique business needs. We integrate the best practices and tools to create a framework that enhances your test efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and improves test accuracy. 

SAP Native Framework Expertise: Specializing in SAP Native Framework, we provide robust testing solutions for your SAP applications. Our approach ensures that your SAP environment is thoroughly tested, reliable, and aligned with your business processes, maximizing your investment in SAP technologies. 

Partner with Infoya and experience a transformation in your test automation process. Our innovative strategies and custom solutions are here to set new benchmarks in quality and efficiency for your software development lifecycle. 

Specialized Testing Services

At Infoya, we are dedicated to propelling your software development into the future with our comprehensive suite of advanced testing and engineering services. We ensure not just functionality, but excellence in every aspect of your software.  

  1. Performance Engineering: Our performance engineering services go beyond testing to optimize your applications for peak performance under real-world conditions. We analyze, design, and implement strategies to enhance speed, scalability, and stability, ensuring your software can withstand any demand.
  1. Test Data Management: Efficient test data management is crucial for accurate and effective testing. We provide sophisticated solutions for managing and maintaining the quality of test data, ensuring it is secure, compliant, and representative of real-world scenarios, thereby reducing risks and improving test reliability.
  1. Agile and DevOps Embedded Testing: Embrace the speed and flexibility of Agile and DevOps with our embedded testing services. We integrate testing seamlessly into your development process, enabling continuous testing and delivery. This approach ensures faster time-to-market without compromising on quality.
  1. Security Testing: In an era of ever-evolving cyber threats, our security testing services are essential. We employ comprehensive testing methods to identify vulnerabilities, protect sensitive data, and ensure compliance with the latest security standards, keeping your software and users safe.
  1. Service Virtualization: Service virtualization enables you to test applications in a simulated environment where actual components may be unavailable or costly to access. Our service virtualization techniques help in reducing the constraints of testing in a real environment, thus speeding up the development process and reducing costs.
  1. Chaos Testing: Prepare for the unpredictable with our chaos testing services. By simulating unexpected disruptions and extreme conditions, we help you assess and improve the resilience of your systems, ensuring they can handle real-world stresses and maintain operational integrity. 
  1. API Testing: Infoya specializing in API testing, offers expert services to ensure that applications communicate and perform seamlessly across different environments. With a focus on reliability, security, and functionality, your firm provides comprehensive testing solutions that cover everything from simple to complex integration scenarios.

We are Expert at Packaged Application Testing

At Infoya, we specialize in delivering comprehensive and customized testing services for a wide range of applications. Our focus is on ensuring that your applications not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality and performance.

Application Testing Services:

Our Application Testing Services are designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of different packaged software suits. We offer: 

  • Diverse Expertise: Skilled in testing various applications, from web to mobile, ensuring functionality, usability, and compatibility. 
  • Tailored Strategies: Custom testing plans to meet the specific needs of each application. 
  • Advanced Tools: Utilizing the latest testing tools and technologies for efficient and effective quality assurance. 

Guidewire Testing: We provide specialized testing services for Guidewire platforms, ensuring robust performance for insurance software solutions. Our services include: 

  • Customized Testing: Tailored to the complex functionalities of Guidewire applications. 
  • Integration and Compatibility: Ensuring seamless integration with other systems and applications. 

Salesforce Testing: Our Salesforce testing services ensure your CRM software operates flawlessly, enhancing customer relationship management. We offer: 

  • End-to-End Testing: Covering all aspects of Salesforce functionalities. 
  • Automation and Manual Testing: To maximize efficiency and accuracy. 

SAP Testing: Expert testing services for SAP environments, guaranteeing optimal performance of your ERP solutions. Our approach includes: 

  • Module-Specific Testing: Focused testing for each SAP module. 
  • End-to-End Testing: Covering all aspects of SAP functionalities. 
  • Performance and Security: Ensuring your SAP systems are secure and perform at peak levels. 

Oracle Suite Testing: Comprehensive testing for the Oracle Suite, ensuring each application’s performance aligns with your business processes. We provide: 

  • Integrated Testing: For the entire Oracle Suite, including Oracle Cloud, E-Business Suite, and more. 
  • End-to-End Testing: Covering all aspects of functionalities. 
  • Data Integrity and Migration Testing: Essential for maintaining the accuracy and consistency of your data. 

Microsoft Suite Testing: Our Microsoft Suite testing services cover a wide range of Microsoft applications, ensuring they meet your business needs. Services include: 

  • End-to-End Testing: Covering all aspects of Salesforce functionalities. 
  • Compatibility Testing: To ensure seamless integration with your existing systems.