IBM has moved on to Watson Workspace

IBM’s virtual assistant seems to be doing pretty good at work, so they decided to take that into their own hands! Thus far, Watson Workspace already shows great promise in terms of making teams more productive which is what everyone wants. It will take time before this tool becomes popular with enterprises because it’s still fresh in the market, but once everyone gets their hands on it, we’ll surely see a transformation.

Software industry is enjoying a boom

According to a study by ISACA, the software industry is at its brightest right now. They have been making plans for expansion, and they’re looking into new ways of doing things so that companies can move forward with technology. The sector has shown a stable gain in terms of sales as well as returning customers, which makes this a very good time to be working in this industry.

Google is evolving its Workspace. However, there are still barriers to adoption.

With Google’s new service, “Workspace,” it is easier than ever to collaborate with your team members. The company has made the transition from G Suite easy by offering free trials that are available on all platforms, including iOS or Android devices as well! With this integration, there are no more worries about synchronizing files across different projects, which ultimately saves time when working simultaneously. The service can also be used for business purposes.

Google Cloud VMware Engine is the talk of the town.

Google offer their cloud services in a myriad of packages. But if you’re a big fan of VMware and want to use your virtual infrastructure, this is the product for you. Google Cloud is now compatible with any infrastructure powered by Vmware. That’s why it’s becoming more interesting to many developers. Nowadays, all businesses are looking to get their hands in cloud technology, and Google Vmware Engine is a very good start.