The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major setback for many, but it’s also created an opportunity in the quick-service restaurant industry. Digital kiosks and super apps have allowed QSRs to provide superior guest experiences.

QSR and the pandemic

The quick-service restaurant industry is no stranger to the challenges of the digital age. Many QSRs found themselves with limited business opportunities following coronavirus outbreaks that significantly impacted their ability to run an efficient and profitable operation. However, with the help of technology, they have been able to overcome the industry’s pandemic struggles and have provided a superior guest experience.

The Benefits of Digitalization

Digitalization has provided countless benefits to the QSR industry and has enabled operators to provide a better guest experience. With digital kiosks and apps, guests can order and pay for their meals without the help of an operator or cashier. In addition, order accuracy is improved when using these technological tools because customers are able to view the entire order before it goes into production, which leads to less food waste and less time spent at the counter.

Digital Kiosks allow guests to easily order their meals from one source, which can reduce wait times and enable customers to receive accurate orders. Unfortunately, the digital kiosk selection at most QSRs is still quite limited, but this industry is continuously evolving to provide the best possible guest experience

Some restaurants are using digital kiosks to assist their marketing efforts by adding games, polls, and messaging updates to engage customers. While this idea may seem like a small improvement, it can make QSRs more profitable. Customers who are “engaged” with their restaurant’s brand are more likely to return for future purchases, driving revenue growth in the long term.

Menu Personalization is On the Rise.

Additionally, some QSRs have adopted the practice of menu personalization to improve their standing in today’s competitive marketplace. Menu personalization has allowed these restaurants to provide personalized meals that meet each customer’s needs and dietary restrictions within one transaction. This beneficial advancement has greatly enhanced the customer experience at many quick-service restaurants across the country.

A New Digital Dining Experience

The improved guest experiences offered by these technological advancements have led to an increase in sales for many QSRs, making them more competitive than ever before. A restaurant’s ability to provide its customers with innovative solutions has never been more important, and it’s evident that the industry is now focused on providing individuals with a superior dining experience through advanced technologies.

As technology continues to change at a rapid pace, QSRs will be able to offer better services and impress their guests without even having any contact with them directly. We can do nothing but imagine what the future holds for this sector! But one thing is certain: Digitalization has allowed QSRs to provide better customer service and enhance the overall guest experience.